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HiPeformance Hypnosis LLC

Specializing in Sports Hypnosis, Stress Management, Weight Control and Performance Enhancement.

HiPeformance Hypnosis
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About Us
HiPeformance Hypnosis is a company dedicated to helping people become everything they need and want to be. We want to help people maximize their potential while enabling them to better deal with the day to day challenges of life.
Richard Benack is professional with multiple credentials for helping people:
  1. Registered Hypnotherapist (Washington State - HP60078728)
  2. Certification in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy
  3. Certified Master NLP Practitioner
  4. A Licensed Private Investigator with experience in Investigative Hypnosis
Richard Benacks almost three decades of Martial Arts Training (TaeKwonDo, Hapkido, Aikido, Systema) has given him a unique understanding of how the mind and body work together. Integrating hypnosis, NLP, meditation and martial training can allow a person to understand and control their body, enhance their performance and improve their overall health.